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Bar Inspection System (BIS)—Phased Array

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The bar inspection system (BIS) is a turnkey solution that uses phased array probes integrated into a fully automated testing system to meet stringent quality control standards while maintaining productivity. Key benefits include:

  • In-line 100% volume inspection on round and square bars
  • Minimize your dependency on operator skill with automatic calibration
  • Optimal defect detection and a higher tolerance on bar shape with the floating head design
  • Excellent coupling using an immersion tank
  • High acquisition density to find smaller defects under dynamic conditions
  • Minimal downtime with fast changeover
  • Repeatable results on a 24/7 production line

Designed to be an easy-to-use solution for quality control in carbon and stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium black and bright bars, the system includes:

  • Dedicated project management
  • Instruments, probes, and mechanical equipment
  • Water management system
  • Software
  • Commissioning, training, and after-sales support

Full Volume Inspections—Detect Internal and Subsurface Defects

Phased array (PA) probes can be programmed to alternate between longitudinal and shear wave to inspect both the volume and subsurface of a bar. The probes can be positioned and fired so that the entire bar cross-section is inspected as it moves through the system.

Probes are grouped for specific diameter/size ranges and bar shape on the same probe holder (cassette), helping ensure full-volume inspection and minimizing crosstalk and change over time. The cassettes are equipped with high-pressure water jets to remove particles and bubbles from the probes.

Fast Inspection, Repeatable Results

Our high-speed inspection systems are designed to meet the productivity requirements of the metal manufacturing industry. The systems adhere to the highest international quality standards, without compromising productivity.

Floating Head Design

The bars pass through an immersion tank that contains a floating inspection head. Because the probes are inside a tank with a large amount of undisturbed water, it provides ideal coupling conditions.

The probes are fixed to the floating head, and the head dynamically follows the bar. This system keeps the probes perpendicular to the bar’s centerline, despite variations in straightness, helping ensure accurate, repeatable inspection results, even for small defects.

Automatic Calibration

To achieve a thorough inspection, each phased array probe must be calibrated. During calibration, the apertures of each probe pass over a known defect, and the probe’s gain level is automatically adjusted. This feature enables users to easily perform and validate a precise calibration of each focal law, saving time without relying on the user’s skill.

  • All probes can be calibrated in a single automatic sequence
  • Calibration check performed under normal production conditions
  • Each reference defect is validated to help ensure they’re detected above the alarm level
  • Results are displayed in easy-to-interpret views



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